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CookEasy Recipe Booklet

CookEasy is a ready-to-cook food delivery service social enterprise operated by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals since 2008. The company had been creating monthly flyer targeted to existing customers and targeted customers, however, the demands remained static for quite a long period of time.

Therefore, the marketing team was thinking to launch a brand awareness program to better position and differentiate CookEasy from other food delivery companies. After studying the operating process of CookEasy, we concluded to highlight two selling points – 1) most ingredients are local produce and 2) every purchase is a good cause to help people in need.  And we proposed to come up with a CookEasy recipe booklet featured with nice pictures of all the fresh and locally produced ingredients, plus the step-by-step cooking process for beginners.

 • Concept Development

 • Photography

 • Illustration

 • Artwork Development

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